Laminated flooring, characterized by its resistance, is improved daily by L’Antic Colonial to offer a sophisticated product, capable of reproducing natural beauty in any room.

Laminates with various technical characteristics to respond to the various construction needs.

Laminate floors are not only warm and comfortable, they are also effortless to install. The different systems Lock, Drop Lock and Quick Lock makes the slats fit together like a puzzle. In addition, they are a more economical option than natural or multi-layer wood floors.

At L’Antic Colonial we have laminated products with different technical characteristics that adapt to any type of style and room.


The Natural line offers a wide range of colours in finishes that perfectly reproduce the surface of slightly brushed natural wood, an excellent option for any room.

The Supreme collection offers different finishes, all with AC6 laminate. It is perfect for spaces with a high level of traffic, as well as being the largest format of L’Antic Colonial.

Residence laminate flooring is characterised by quality, elegance and innovation. This range has current colours and elegant designs in different options.

Style is a collection of laminate flooring that is cosy and suitable for large spaces thanks to its warm colours that, together with the synchronisation of the design and reliefs, gives realism to each of its slats.

Bevelled strips on the sides is the main feature of Endless, a line of laminate floors with a natural finish, which creates a continuous and infinite effect on the floor. This detail makes it perfect for paving large spaces.

In Cross we find new references among L’Antic Colonial’s laminate floors, adapting the natural wood formats with an innovative design.

Discover our new Hall, Home and Vienna collections, unique designs for exclusive spaces.

If you have more doubts when buying laminate flooring, ask our specialists or download our catalogue with practical information about this type of material.